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English language
Our program is designed to help you stand out in today’s competitive job market and land the job you’ve always wanted

Career Bootcamp

A program for IT specialists 
Anywhere Club
Part 1. CV creation
5 hours
  • Learn how to compose a CV and create a LinkedIn profile which draws recruiters. If you’re a designer, you’ll also get valuable tips on building a strong portfolio. 
  • Discover best practices for job searching in our pre-recorded lecture with a recruiter. 
  • Compose your CV following the techniques outlined in our study materials. 
  •  Receive professional feedback on your CV and discuss ways to make it better with our expert. 
  • Watch a video tutorial on using ChatGPT to create a compelling CV and prepare for interviews.
Part 2. Interview preparation
10.5 hours
  • Learn communication strategies for dealing with interviewers. 
  • Get tips from a talent acquisition expert on how to complete general, technical, and customer interviews successfully. 
  • Prepare for general interviews with our simulator. 
  • Participate in a general interview conducted by our expert. 
Part 3. Typical workday and interview practice
3.5 hours
  • Learn about a typical day of an IT expert of a chosen profession. 
  • Study a set of materials that cover negotiation tactics. 
  • Receive a certificate of completion.
  • View a video of a mock technical interview for a job in your field. 
  • Participate in a technical interview conducted by our expert. 
  • Receive a certificate of completion. 
How is the learning path structured?
Our self-paced format gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. All subscription plans provide access to engaging lectures and comprehensive self-study materials. Additionally, you can customize your learning experience by unlocking the features that are available only in our paid plans. 
Irina Goltseva
Senior Software Testing Engineer
A passionate functional tester who has worked in various domains over 5 years — medical services, e-commerce, banking, and science.
Andrei Martinovich 
Principal Experience Designer 
A self-developed designer, community expert, and team lead who makes a great contribution to talent acquisition, technical interviews, and level assessments.
Tatiana Petrovskaia 
Senior Business Analyst 
An experienced business analyst, certified technical interviewer, and level assessment expert who has made the move from a junior specialist to a team lead in 4 years.
Aliaksandr Yazepchyk
Lead Recruiter 
An expert staffing specialist with 6 years of experience who is engaged in talent acquisition in 5 countries: Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Pavel Chychyn 
Lead Software Engineer 
A proficient front-end developer and part of the FrontSpot community team who actively participates in level assessments and technical interviews.
Bootcamp experts 
The expert team of Career Bootcamp are all devoted professionals fired up about sharing their knowledge. 
Is it possible to get a refund if the Career Bootcamp program doesn't work for me?
During the first part of the program, we offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the results. Simply reach out to our customer support team, and they will assist you with the process. 
How long will I have access to course materials? 
There are no restrictions at the moment. Moreover, you can download all the materials and meeting recordings to your personal device.
How to enroll in a paid plan for Career Bootcamp?
To enroll, fill out an application form. You will receive an e-mail with payment info. Once the payment has been verified, we will send you an e-mail with onboarding steps. 
Frequently asked questions
Drop us a line at or call us at +995(511)140-096 if you have questions.
Will Career Bootcamp help me improve my tech skills? 
The program is aimed at employment preparation only. To upskill as a professional, check out courses offered at Anywhere Club.
What are the requirements for joining Career Bootcamp? 
There are no strict requirements. The program will work for testers, developers, business analysts, or designers in search of employment. The recommended English level is B1 or above since the program is in English. If you’re not sure of your level, register at Anywhere Club and take an English testto find out.
Will Career Bootcamp assist me with job search? 
The program doesn’t include job search support. However, it will equip you with the knowledge to find the right offers on your own.
Once again, thank you all for this wonderful experience! I see how much time is spent, how carefully everything is performed, this must cost a lot. Especially I was happy to get feedback. Thank you for your effort! This was amazing!
The completed course is incredibly effective! The information provided in the course is of very high quality and well organized. Video materials are easily perceived, and many practical tasks reinforce the information just received. The meetings went great. Two home tasks are insanely useful!
Let me thank each and everyone who organized this wonderful course! You are awesome, guys! You did it perfectly! I enjoyed every moment of this training. It helped me to feel more comfortable and relaxed. I am not afraid of interviews anymore. All materials and tips that you gave us were useful and priceless. Keep going and help people find their ways in their career paths. I wish you all the best of the best!
Yulia Reshetniak
Snezhana Lukina
Yulia Skopintseva
Alumni reviews
Preview the video lectures featured in the program
You can be part of it.
Choose your plan 
What’s included? 
Try Career Bootcamp for free to see if you’d like to unlock more features.
Comprehensive self-study materials
Tasks with self-review
Access to pre-recorded lectures from our experts
Expert tips for employment preparation
*To join Career Bootcamp for free, please create an Anywhere Club account.


What’s included? 
Prepare for interviews with our simulator and receive personalized feedback on your CV.
In addition to everything in Rookie, this plan offers:
Practice with our online interview simulator
Access to professional CV and portfolio examples
CV verification with feedback from our experts 


What’s included? 
Invest in your future and get full access to all the resources available in Career Bootcamp. 
In addition to everything in Enthusiast, this plan offers:
Personalized mock interviews for general and technical interview scenarios
Q&A chat with our experts
Detailed feedback on your performance
Access to our exclusive alumni group
Interview Guru 



What to expect from the Bootcamp program?
Expert advice on maximizing the effectiveness of your CV
Meetings with experts and personalized feedback 
Tips and guides for employment preparation 
Strategies to perform well in technical interviews 
Best practices for successful general interviews
Certificate of Bootcamp completion
Need help choosing the right track?
Request a free individual consultation from the Bootcamp team.
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